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Likes: Horror, macabre, fairy tales, ghosts, hauntings, serial killers, zombies, werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, time travel, orphans, clones, thrillers, classics, gothic


I like to read anything that tells a good story, duh ;) Genre doesn't really matter much but I tend to read dark fiction and fantasy the most. I skip chick lit and romance novels with a few exceptions for the extraordinary.


My ratings system:

5 stars - ADORED; plan to read over and over and over.

4 stars - ENJOYED; will likely read once or twice more.

3 stars - LIKED; may or may not read again ... someday.

2 stars - MEH; no plans to read again.

1 stars - I didn't enjoy the story and was lucky to finish.

0 stars - I couldn't or wouldn't finish for reasons that may or may not be listed in the review box.

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Five Hours Down, At Least Triple That To Go

Well I spent about five hours this evening going through my BookLikes blog and shelf. The import appears to be finished but it was not clean, that's for sure. Covers are missing and incorrect books added despite there being correct ISBNs for every book in my import file. Sigh. And while it's super cool that my reviews imported into the blog side of BL, it's not going to be much fun having to go back through all of them to remove extra spacing, remove links to Goodreads, add missing covers, etc.


Also, why the heck can't we comment on anything without having to connect to a daggone external network (like Facebook)? I don't want to publish my comments anywhere else, just on the review or status update.


Lastly, there definitely has to be integration between reviews and books on shelves. Otherwise, it's pretty pointless for me to use BookLikes. I want to be able to click to my review of a book on my shelf and click to someone else's review on their shelf. Then, when I click on the cover of a book, I'd like to see all the reviews listed under the meta data section. Possible? Certainly. But how long will it take to implement? (Yep I saw BL's announcement.)


Crossing my fingers if I stick with BL the kinks will be get worked out quickly, improvements will be made in a timely manner, and I'll have found my new forever home for my book cataloguing, reviewing and socializing.