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I like to read anything that tells a good story, duh ;) Genre doesn't really matter much but I tend to read dark fiction and fantasy the most. I skip chick lit and romance novels with a few exceptions for the extraordinary.


My ratings system:

5 stars - ADORED; plan to read over and over and over.

4 stars - ENJOYED; will likely read once or twice more.

3 stars - LIKED; may or may not read again ... someday.

2 stars - MEH; no plans to read again.

1 stars - I didn't enjoy the story and was lucky to finish.

0 stars - I couldn't or wouldn't finish for reasons that may or may not be listed in the review box.

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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Rating: 3 of 5A lost-in-the-woods adventure that lacks much of the imagination displayed in King's other works. Entertaining, but only for those who enjoy fairy tale-ish plots, and those who are patient (and open-minded) enough to overlook a protagonist who doesn't quite fit the typical nine-year-old girl.Probably my biggest problem was Trisha McFarland; she did not act or think like a real nine-year-old. There were times I would have thought her at least thirteen and other times eighteen or nineteen. I dunno. Sure, adults tend to underestimate kids and their abilities, but Trisha made me consciously suspend my disbelief.The main exploration of fear in Tom Gordon was Trisha's solitude and survival in the wilderness. There was nothing really imaginative in the plot, characters, or "twist." The horror aspects were mild to bland, most times barely scratching the surface of the possibilities. And the story contained adequate tension and suspense which built to a satisfying climax.Having said that, I enjoyed the book for what it was: a story of "man versus nature" which, ultimately, is a battle between the will to live and the urge to give up.First published on my blog, Unleash the Flying Monkeys!