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I like to read anything that tells a good story, duh ;) Genre doesn't really matter much but I tend to read dark fiction and fantasy the most. I skip chick lit and romance novels with a few exceptions for the extraordinary.


My ratings system:

5 stars - ADORED; plan to read over and over and over.

4 stars - ENJOYED; will likely read once or twice more.

3 stars - LIKED; may or may not read again ... someday.

2 stars - MEH; no plans to read again.

1 stars - I didn't enjoy the story and was lucky to finish.

0 stars - I couldn't or wouldn't finish for reasons that may or may not be listed in the review box.

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Unexpected Magic: Collected Stories by Diana Wynne Jones

Unexpected Magic: Collected Stories - Diana Wynne Jones

Rating: 3.5 of 5


Overall, I was delighted with these stories. Most swept me away immediately. My favorites were:


What the Cat Told Me - How could I *not* enjoy a story from a cat's POV? My fave quote, "But Boy wouldn't listen. He had to have Princess. Or else he would go into a trance and see her that way. I understood then. Boy wanted kittens. Very little will stop boys or cats when they do."


The Master - Actually enjoyed this "it was a dream" story because it was more a prophecy aka warning. It was the one story I would've liked to keep on with to see if she listened to that warning.


The Plague of Peacocks - I love it when nosy do-gooders get their comeuppance.


Side note: This was my first exposure to Diana Wynne Jones, literary that is. I watched Howl's Moving Castle with my daughter years ago.